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Our mission is simple -- it’s in the name. We chose to call our solution Bond Sports because we believe in the incredible power of sports and recreational activities to bring people from all backgrounds together. Since our founding, we’ve been serving sports facilities, Parks & Recreation departments, schools, colleges, and more to help them develop strong relationships with potential renters, members, and participants. The Bond Sports Marketplace connects customers and facilities, increasing engagement in these programs that boost connectivity in an often isolated society. We believe that fitness and recreational events connect people in a unique way that you can’t get in the office or classroom setting. By making the facilities management and sign-up process as simple as possible, we are contributing to the connectivity, health, wellness of communities across the country.

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Matt Minoff
Co-founder & CEO​

Marc Rothschild
Co-founder & President

Shahar Chaskelevitch
Co-founder & CPO​

Yossi Beck
Head of Engineering

Michal Teverovsky
Full Stack Developer

Jack Draddy
Sales Engineer

Joe Knickerbocker
Full Stack Developer

Brendan Tuohey

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